Hot spot for recreation

Hot spot for recreation

Hot spot for recreation

Normanby sits at the top of Dunedin’s North East Valley, where city gives way to countryside. Mount Mera is the small suburb of mostly ex-state houses that lies on the sunny, right-hand slopes of the valley above Normanby.

Recreational hot spot

Normanby residents enjoy two recreational areas; Forrester Park down Norwood Street and Bethune’s Gully at the base of Mount Cargill.

Forrester Park is home to the city’s main BMX club and circuit, as well as a soccer field, dog park and mountain-biking area.

Across the road, bikers are also regulars at Bethune’s Gully, where there is a selection of trails, as well as some great walking tracks – including a two-hour circuit to the top of Mount Cargill.

Youth Grow Garden Centre

Also down Norwood Street, is the Youth Grow Garden Centre. The centre runs a “life ready, work ready” programme for 16 year olds. The aim is to help young people build on their skills and find a job that’s right for them, while learning about cooking, planning and budgeting.

Rural outlooks and city accessibility

Residents of both Normanby and Mount Mera enjoy a rural outlook and proximity, with the countryside right on their doorstep.

However, they are also only a short bus ride into the city centre and beyond. The Normanby Tavern is a well-known landmark, being the spot where the bus turns around.

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