The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #74 | May 2019


Is your home Short Stays ready?

Edinburgh Short Stays continues to grow, with more quality holiday homes, short-stay apartments and townhouses being added to our exceptional online offering every month.

As investment property owners see others benefitting from our care of their Short Stay properties, many want to sign-up for our services. But, not all rental properties are suited to this discerning market. So, what qualities guarantee your success in the short-term visitor accommodation market?


Most visitors to Dunedin book with an event or itinerary in mind. They may be here for a graduation, concert, family event or simply to get away from it all. Properties located close to key attractions, event sites or services and facilities will always fare well. So too will homes located in destinations offering weekend breakaways such as beachfront holiday homes or those close to wildlife attractions, walks and tourist attractions.


Visitors to our lovely city want to walk in, set their luggage down and get on with the purpose of their visit. They want an uncluttered, clean space free from owner’s possessions and with appealing decor. Themed homes also attract bookings.


Our visitors want their companions, partners, children and friends to be safe in their environment. Guests want their needs thought-of and their enjoyment assured. Wobbly decks, poor lighting, exposed wires, broken appliances and slippery steps have no place in our Short Stay houses as they do not cater to the needs of our valued visitors.

The Warm Welcome

Your guests need to be welcomed with open-arms! A personalised welcome from their host, a unique welcome card or simply having the lights and heating on for later arrivals all contribute to an outstanding guest experience. That’s where we come in. We’ll even add a touch of magic by providing a bottle of wine on your behalf for wedding parties or special events. If you would like to find out more, check-out our quality homes at or contact our Group Manager Veronica Miller at