The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #106 | February 2022


Six Top Tips for a tip-top summer lawn

Midsummer can be murder on a lawn. Sunburn, backyard sports, picnics and even tents may have taken their toll over the last couple of months. It’s time to show your lawn a little love, so it can bounce back, summer after barefoot summer. Keep it looking green and smart with our six top tips for a healthy summer lawn.

1. Take out the competition. Regularly scan for little weeds and pluck them out with a grubber or a trowel. If bigger weeds leave a bare patch, scatter a few grass seeds in their place and water.

2. Mow, mow, mow, and mow. Summer growth needs cutting back every one to two weeks to encourage deeper, healthier roots and a lawn that’s lush and lovely. Raise the mower blades a centimeter or two to protect your lawn from scorching.

3. Go grey. Collect rainwater and use a tub or hose to collect and divert grey water from your shower, bath or washing machine onto your lawn and ornamental plants. Water early in the morning or late afternoon for a good soaking that won’t evaporate

4. Give it air. Look for signs of compacted ground, where there are patches of dust or mud on your lawn. Take your garden fork to these areas, plunging to about 10cm and rocking the blades, every 10cm or so, to help your lawn breathe and flourish.

5. Feed it. A good feed keeps your lawn resilient and resplendent. Water well straight after fertilizing or conditioning, or time your feed with an incoming summer shower.

6. Make it edgy. A clearly defined lawn is a pleasure to behold. For a crisp, neat edge, use shears or an edging tool, and consider popping in a permanent hard edge or “moat” around garden beds and paths.