Property Management Dunedin

Edinburgh Realty has one of Dunedin’s largest rental property portfolios, including residential homes, units, apartments and of course, student flats and studio rooms.

Choose The Right Property Manager For Your Investment

Owning a rental investment can be a lot of work, and choosing a property manager to manage your investment can seem overwhelming. At Edinburgh Property Management(B) we understand your investment. We understand trusting your biggest asset or investment to someone can be daunting, and it takes time to build up trust in your Property Manager.

Our Team

Our team is made up of individuals who excel at what they do. They have an incredibly positive attitude in a busy environment and take pride in the high levels of customer service and attention to detail provided to both tenants and landlords.

Your Perfect Property Partner in Dunedin

Our property managers focus on the smooth running (I)of a property, for the benefit of both the owner and the tenants. They love the chance to work alongside both parties to ensure a situation that is a win-win. We pride ourselves on professional, efficient and cost-effective management services. Our aim is to take the stress away from owning an investment property. We understand how important it is to communicate and we realise that you expect the best possible rents with maximum occupancy. Our experience has taught us that, to achieve this, you need a motivated, professional and independent(I) property management company. With our local knowledge and great attitude, Edinburgh Property Management is your perfect partner.

Your Happiness Is Our Goal

Keeping our owners and tenants happy is our first priority. We aren’t just here to “look after” your property, the aim is to make sure your rental property is profitable and the process is easy. We take managing a client’s property very seriously and offer the systems and expertise that will protect your assets and maximise the return on your investments. All of our property managers have the experience and highly developed local market knowledge required to assist and guide you through growing your rental property investment business.

Get Only The Best Quality Tenants

We work with quality(I) tenants to build long-term relationships, thereby helping to minimise downtime and tenant turn-around, while offering security to families, students and professionals, so that they are able to turn your house into their home.

Let Us Handle The Day to Day Property Management Operations

We aim to make your experience as an owner as smooth as possible(I) by handling the nitty gritty and staying on top of the smaller details. Our property managers handle this in a number of ways, which can often look like the following:

  • Collecting all of the relevant documents and keys, organising bond transfers and handling all associated documents and lease signings. This also includes tenant application screening and legislation compliance. Staying in contact with your tenants and making sure their concerns, queries and suggestions are heard and met with a response. We handle all communication with tenants which includes arranging routine inspections and listening to and offering advice regarding flat disputes. We refer this information to you when necessary and provide ongoing support and professional advice.
  • Carrying out thorough property inspections. Our extensive inspections our carried out on a regular basis, we use these to provide you with detailed information on how the tenants are looking after the property and what maintenance has been undertaken or is required. Our inspections include a good selection of photos to provide you with a visual of the state of your property.
  • A thorough tenant screening process. We check character and landlord references to ensure your property will be tenanted with respectful and mature groups that will treat the house with respect. Throughout the tenancy we keep a close eye on proceedings and inform you of any issues or potential problems. Should a serious dispute arise, it is dealt with by us at a tenancy tribunal.
  • Displaying your property in it’s best light. Our in-house marketing and design team works hard to ensure all photos, blurbs and advertising material display your property’s best qualities. This ensures tenants find, sign and begin paying rent as soon as possible.
  • Carrying out market appraisals to ensure your property is always in-line with current rent and market trends.
  • An active awareness of your property’s progress. Our portfolio is divided between a number of capable property managers all with a broad local knowledge. If your property is taking longer than expected to rent, we do everything in our power to remedy the situation. Whether a price change or a new marketing plan is required, we will work with you to ensure your property is tenanted.
  • Tenant care. We treat our tenants with respect and understanding and do everything in our power to help them feel at home in your property. Both our residential and student properties are often tenanted by the same group for a number of years due to the positive relationships built between tenants, property managers and the landlord.

We Offer Guidance and Commitment

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you understand all of our processes, and will always treat your property as if it's our own. We offer our expertise to protect your investments, while maximising rental returns and ensuring our clients are up-to-date with all the latest changes to legislation in the rental market industry. This is crucial in today's ever-changing market.

We Work Hard To Get Your Property Tenanted

Our marketing team uses a number of tools to ensure your property is tenanted as swiftly as possible and is seen by the right people. We use social media to share prizes, tips and to build rapport with tenants. Facebook is also used to help push properties should the need arise. Potentially our most powerful marketing tool for student properties - each year two versions of our “Get a Room!” student flat magazine is released. This showcases all of our student flats and studios available for rent for the following year. The magazines are spread throughout the city and have proven to be a very popular tool for students to see what accommodation Edinburgh Property Management has to offer. We have an equally strong focus on advertising residential properties – a weekly residential advert in the paper and advertising on New Zealand’s most popular real estate websites ensure property enquiries come in thick and fast.

We Stay On Top Of Current Rental Market Trends

We work with our client’s goals in mind and will advise our owners if we believe any changes are necessary to stay in-line with current market trends. We review all rent rates regularly, and implement increases where need be (or adjust as required), to ensure maximum occupancy rates are achieved for your property.

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You can view our latest listings, including:

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by visiting our website or talking to the team at our North Dunedin office. You can also email any of our rental staff for assistance, you can find the email addresses under “our team”.