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Issue #117 | January 2023


Top summer tip: Explore the Otago Peninsula

With so many holidaying out of town this month, Dunedin takes a well-deserved breather, making it the perfect relaxed holiday spot for taking one yourself. Make the most of the quiet time to play tourist in your own city. The Otago Peninsula is a fantastic place to start. Get the family out day-tripping world-renowned natural attractions, all right here in our hills and harbour. Enjoy our picks for exploring the Otago Peninsula, popular with guests from afar, and closer to home.

Monarch Wildlife Cruise

“Discover the wild wonders of the Otago Peninsula” with a guided tour from onboard the Monarch. Soak up local geology, history and wildlife, while exploring stunning rugged coastline scenery around the harbour entrance. From out on the Otago Harbour, you’ll visit remote locations, view some of the world’s rarer creatures in their habitat and Dunedin from a fresh perspective.

Harbour cycleway

For a different kind of harbourside cruise, jump on a bike and cycle away. The recently completed cycleway offers smooth, safe and flat riding with outstanding views. Make it a quick morning ride, or pick a gorgeous “Dunner stunner” day with friends and make a proper picnic of it.

Macandrew Bay

Macandrew Bay is a real treat, with its attractive wee family-friendly village. Paddleboard, swim or bob about in the calm bay, or just sit back on the beach and relax. Reenergise at the wonderful Duck Café, and browse unique local art and gift shops. Send the kids for a swing at the playground and for ice creams from the dairy. A whole summer day can be spent at Mac Bay!

Quarantine Island / Kamau Taurua

Relax and connect with nature at this special place. Explore the rich history of this little island, its buildings, wildlife and regenerating forest habitat. Wander the island, now a public recreation reserve and historic area, and take in spectacular windswept views.

Victory Beach

Summit Dunedin’s ‘pyramids’ this summer and walk the Otago Peninsula’s longest beach (three kilometres). The views from atop the smaller, volcanically formed pyramid will well reward your climb. For a good two-hour-plus hike, find the extra track that takes you on a full loop of the beach and grassland reserve. Look out for the skinks and geckos, seals, sea lions and penguins that inhabit this remote and beautiful place.

Image credit: DunedinNZ. L to R (Top) Cycleway, Quarantine Island, Monarch Wildlife Cruise, Victory Beach, Macandrew Bay.