The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #64 | July 2018


Six top tips for snow days

While deliberating whether the latest ‘weather bomb’ will let us off gently with a hilltop dusting, or keep us housebound with sea-level blizzards, here are 6 tips to make sure you’re ready for the next big ol’ dumping of Otago snow.

1. Stock up. Stash some bottled ‘water’ with boxes and cans of ready-to-eats at the back of the cupboard – hardly gourmet, but better than rationing the lonely stale Weetbix brick. Don’t forget to stash a can opener (and a bottle opener) too.

2. Remember Fido and Fluffy. Tuck away some Tux or kibble, or that Weetbix won’t go very far.

3. Get the lowdown. Bookmark DCC and MetService traffic webcams, so you know when it’s safe to venture out again. Local radio stations and their FaceBook pages are also handy for updates.

4. Slow down. Be ready for the sudden opportunity to relax and have some fun! Have a toboggan and warm boots at the ready, a stack of puzzles, some card or board games, and that novel you’ve been too snowed under to tackle.

5. Could you stay warm unplugged? Keep a healthy stock of firewood and matches, and extra woolly blankets and duvets, in case you’re suddenly powerless. 

6. Update your emergency kit – or get one. Ensure your torches are working and you have fresh spare batteries. Refresh your first aid kit too, with necessary meds, paracetamol and bandages. Tobogganing (and Monopoly) can get competitive.