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Issue #86 | June 2020


Property Management – 2021 student letting all go from June

Our full Property Management team is now back in the office, raring to get into their busiest season. Our student letting book, Get a Room, will appear 15 June - our first edition for 2021. If you want to rent your student property for 2021, we publish a second edition in August, so call us right now about our services – the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can take on the management of your property and get it advertised.

Are you looking for accommodation for next year for yourself or someone you know? If so, our message is, ‘don’t panic, you haven’t missed out!’ As usual, there’s huge enquiry from students keen to secure a property. Lots of tenants have contacted us, worried they’ve missed the boat for 2021. Never fear, you haven’t missed out! Set an alert for 15 June and check our website for updates - we’ll have a book waiting for you, hot off the press.

John Hornbrook
Group Manager
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Simone Read
Business Development Manager
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