Info for sellers

Selling your property?

It’s a common truth that selling a property is not generally greeted with the same level of excitement and anticipation that accompanies purchasing a property. Fortunately, the team at Edinburgh Realty has sold more properties than you’ve had barbeques. We can guide you through the process and keep you up to speed with what to expect at each point.

Where to start? Complete these three tasks and you’ll be well underway:

1. Read about the secret to our success and find out why our clients choose us to sell their property.

2. Select a property consultant that you like. The right choice and the whole process is that much easier. They will guide you through the various sales options and strategies for selling your property.

3. Get your property looking it’s absolute best. Check out our selling guide - it’s easy to read and will answer many of your questions about the selling process.

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