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Edinburgh Realty first provided their style of Property Management services in 2007. We now have one of Otago's largest rental property portfolios. Our property management business offers an array of rental options such as residential homes, units, apartments and, of course, student flats and studio rooms for our growing student population. We have a highly experienced team who are up to speed with all the ins-and-outs of tenancy law and have a focus on ensuring you get the best service possible. Plus, Edinburgh Realty is a local real estate and property management company with an Otago focus. The benefits are many and ultimately you know you’re working with people who know the area like the back of their hands. Edinburgh Realty are here to answer your questions and ease you through the process of renting an iconic Dunedin flat.


We offer a variety of Dunedin student accommodation options throughout the city. From central “Scarfie” flats to flash furnished inner-city apartments with everything included, even the bedding and the bed too – there’s something for students of every shape and size.

International Students

We have some international owners too who have created spaces for certain cultures so please feel free to ask if you are coming to us from anywhere from the Pacific or the Middle East, or somewhere North, South, East or West for that matter, as we may be able to find you some home comforts.

Specific Needs

We offer you the support and options that allow you to make the best decision for you and your friends. Is research or study your main priority? We’ve got quiet studio rooms just a stone’s throw from the University’s main campus. Social life at the forefront? We’ve got many of Dunedin’s ‘Scarfie flats’ on the familiar student thoroughfares like Cumberland, Hyde, Castle and Dundas to name a few throughout North Dunedin and the City Centre.

Flat Sizes

Our property sizes range from one-bedroom units, to mansions with 10 bedrooms. They also come in a variety of per week rent costs. No matter the size of your group or if you want one bath or three bathrooms we’ve got something to accommodate everyone. We ensure that all of our accommodation is comfortable to live in. Brand new insulation in many of our flats means you’ll keep warm and dry and perhaps save on electricity bills. This should all help you get on with studying and having fun!

It’s easy to search for the student flat you need

It couldn’t be easier to see what accommodation we’ve got on offer. Simply go to our property management page and click on student flats. Here you’ll see all the listings we’ve currently got on offer. This page is updated regularly so you’re always getting up to date information. You can book a viewing from all of our property pages.

Our Team

Our team is made up of Property Managers, a Viewing Agent and a dedicated Marketing person. Our property managers are here with you every step of the way. From the minute you sign your flat to the end of your lease, your property manager will make sure your rental home is kept in great condition and your queries are met with answers. Our Property Managers aim to maintain fantastic relationships with both the tenants and landlords, they are happy to share advice which is based on their previous experience of similar situations, meaning potential problems are alleviated and communication channels remain open.

Viewing Agents

Our specialised viewing agent is here to answer your questions and show you and your group around any student flat listing you are interested in. To help manage the 100’s of people who look at our properties each week in the letting season, we have an online booking system to make it easier to view the student flat you want to see so that you can establish if it fits everything on your menu. If you have a look and the flat isn’t for you, our agent will suggest more appropriate accommodation. If it does suit, we also have an online application system on our website so you and potentially your future flatmates can apply for your chosen flats swiftly.


Our marketing team runs exciting competitions for the Otago University and Otago Polytechnic students flats of Dunedin. These events run throughout the year and can be seen on our Facebook page. Follow “Edinburgh Realty – Property Management” on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming prizes, flats for rent, campus happenings and news plus handy tips. Marketing also produces our “Get a Room!” magazine, an easy way for you to check out what student accommodation we have available for the following year. Two editions are released each year, helping you stay on top of what flats are out there and available to rent! So, keep an eye out around campus and north Dunedin for “Get a Room” in June and August.

What is the average listed rental price in Dunedin NZ?

Rental prices change regularly according to supply and demand. We keep a close eye on this and adjust our rent prices in order to get you great accommodation for a fair price. In comparison to Wellington student flats and to a lesser extent student flats in Christchurch, our rents are slightly more affordable than our northern counterparts. Although, thanks to new government legislation over recent years, we are seeing rents lift on the back of these growing compliance requirements. Our Property Managers and staff members are Dunedin locals and many are ex University of Otago students. We know the area incredibly well and provide advice accordingly. Wondering what your other weekly costs might look like? You can expect to make the following payments regularly: power, internet, contents insurance and food. You’ll also have start-up costs to pay such as bond, furniture and connection fees for your internet.

Wondering what a standard Dunedin lease looks like?

The majority of landlords around the University area/North Dunedin expect tenants to sign a 12-month fixed-term tenancy agreement. If you sign into this type of lease, it means you are liable for rental payments for the entire 12 months, whether you are living in the flat or not. There are a number of other tenancies which our Property Managers will discuss with you when the time comes to sign your lease.

Let Edinburgh Help You Find Your New Student Flat in Dunedin!

Dunedin offers a unique student experience and your accommodation is a large part of this. Your living environment is a place of work, play and where you feel most at home. Choose your Dunedin student flat or accommodation with Edinburgh and get right into the heart of the action. With flats a short walk to the University, City Centre and Octagon you won’t miss out on any opportunities or fun!