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Mark Miller

Only a couple of kilometres directly up the hill from the Octagon and perched on the top of a hill, it is easy to see why Roslyn is a firm favourite with both Dunedin locals and newcomers alike.

Sunny and capable of dishing up stunning views to the north, south, east or west, Roslyn is equally valued for its busy village-like hub. The compact shopping area includes restaurants, cafes, a florist, bakery, pharmacy and supermarket. 

Helen Wright is co-owner of the popular café and wine bar, Rhubarb, and is lucky enough to live and work in Roslyn. “It’s proximity to everywhere is great. Roslyn is a lively area and the people are friendly. There’s that wonderful sense of community up here that you find in ‘sub villages’ in any city.”

Rhubarb celebrates its 10th birthday this month – testimony to Roslyn’s vibrancy and the locals’ appreciation of their own little village.

Many of Dunedin’s top schools are within walking distance or a short drive and the town belt sits just below Roslyn, on the route into town.

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