The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #73 | April 2019


Six top tips for beating the laundry

If, like many of us, you don’t own a magic laundry basket, then you’ll need to do a spot of washing. Here are our six tips for next level laundry efficiency.

1. Own it. Don’t be wishy washy about when you’ll put on a load. Have a system so you know exactly where, when and how you’ll get it done.

2. Suss stains early. Stains come off more easily when they’re fresh. Give them a squirt when your clothing comes off and they will too.

3. Who washes the washers? Regularly wipe down your machine’s bits and bobs and give it an empty hot wash with a splash of vinegar to keep it fresh and efficient.

4. Loosen up in the sock department. Choose socks you can mix and match - all black or all white - or quirk it up with mismatched colours. When any sock pairs with any other, who cares if one strays?

5. Zip ‘em up. Velcro’s always the winner when it finds your lacy delicates. Fire precious items straight into mesh laundry bags – just don’t get them caught in the zip. Ow!

6. Throw in the towel. A fluffy dry towel in the dryer shortens drying time, saving coin for more important things, like socks and delicates and delicate socks.