The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #81 | December 2019


Six top tips for conserving water at home

We can all agree that water is precious, yet often our home set-up and habits see thousands of litres wasted every year. It’s time to stop the drain with our six top tips for conserving water at home.

1. Shower with a pop star. Get a lather on to your favourite five minute song. If you’re rinsed and done by the final chorus, you’re a water saving superstar.

2. Meditate with a hose. Plant trees and shrubs suited to your area and climate, and water them only at dusk or dawn. Use a spray nozzle that gives the water and the feel-good factor enough time to really soak in.

3. Toss old taps. Replace your old wasteful shower head with a water-saving one. Upgrade old taps, and fix any tap or toilet leaks as soon as they appear.

4. Barrel along. Catch rainwater from your roof in a barrel from a downpipe. In the kitchen, use a small tub in the sink to catch running water from rinsing veges or waiting for the hot water. Empty the tub straight over your roses or into the rainbarrel.

5. Take a load off. Cut a washing load a week, choose a front loader if you get the chance and look for the energy star – a more efficient machine uses less water.

6. Push the right buttons. Run only full loads in your dishwasher and washing machine and select shorter wash cycles or “eco-mode” if your machine has one.