The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #71 | February 2019


Six top tips for easier, greener waste management

It isn’t sexy, but it’s a basic need in any home. Here are our six tips for making waste management easier, greener and more attractive.

1. Do wheelies. Keep the rubbish in and scavengers out with a wheelie bin – easier than hefting plastic bags about too.

2. Sort it at the source. Set up bins in the kitchen for composting, landfill and recycling so you can easily throw things the right way, in the throes of cooking.

3. Hide it. Set aside a drawer or a cupboard for recyclables so they don’t become a feature on the bench.

4. Make it a feature. Waste bins don’t have to be sad and dowdy. Peruse Pinterest (Binterest?) for fun and stylish bin ideas.

5. Pickle it. Bokashi kits use fermentation to turn food waste including meat and fish scraps into plant food. If you don’t have a dog or cat, Bokashi could be where it’s at for odour-free waste disposal.

6. Turn it into eggs or plant food. Chooks are fabulous at turning food scraps into food. Worms are less fluffy but worm farms need less space and care while providing tasty castings for your garden.