The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #87 | July 2020


Six top tips for giving ice the slip

This winter, Otago is having its share of icy days and good overnight frostings. With the ice comes the slipping and sliding, cartwheeling arms and a few choice words. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do around the home to avoid an icy downfall. Here are our six top tips for keeping safe at home once the mercury plunges.

1. Make it sparkle. Outdoor lighting can help you spot frost and ice patches when arriving home or heading out in darkness. Replace tired bulbs and make sure any timers are working properly for the winter months.

2. Blast away the build-up. One of the more satisfying winter chores, waterblasting is a great way to clean moss, wet leaves and sludge from paths and driveways. Remember to do it on a sunny day, so the surfaces can dry out a little.

3. Don’t wash the car. Or wash it elsewhere, just in case the runoff freezes overnight. Skating in the morning on your private driveway rink isn’t as fun as it sounds.

4. Get a grip. If you’re channelling Ed Hillary to navigate the icy steps or pathways of your home, throw away the crampons and think seriously about some handrails, or in the meantime lay down some sand.

5. Wrap your pipes. Check the pipe lagging - the insulation on your home’s pipes. It helps prevent them from freezing. If it’s lacking, replace the lagging.

6. Let there be light. Cut back hedges and keep trees trim where they overhang dark corners of your property. This gives paths, lawn and garden areas a chance to dry out, air out and stay frost-free.