The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #51 | June 2017


Six top tips: Winter checklist

This month’s top tips are more of a quiz, checking off if your home is ready for winter.

1. When did you last clean out the gutters? If you can’t remember or the answer is “not that recently”, pull out the ladder and have a wee look.

2. Are any branches scratching away at the roof? Give them the chop, before they do any damage.

3. Are your pipes well lagged? Proactively lagging pipes is a lot cheaper than dealing with burst pipes.

4. Do you know where your mains supply tap is? Why? In case said pipes do burst. Look for the little blue cover out on the footpath.

5. Has the chimney been cleaned lately? It’s not too late.

6. Noticed any annoying drafts? Head to your hardware store and fix them up this weekend.