The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #103 | November 2021


Six top tips: For the perfect spring clean

With spring in full swing, it’s time to bust out the dustbuster, buckets and suds, and give your home a good freshen-up. Here are our six top tips for the perfect spring clean.

1. Tick it off. Avoid fossicking in forgotten boxes or leaving a trail of half-finished jobs by making a checklist. Having a plan will keep you on track and focussed on the task at hand.

2. Break it up. Take on manageable chunks, just the rugs, or the bedroom windows, or a single room at a time. With the satisfaction of a job well done, you’ll be motivated to tackle the next wee task, and the next.

3. Get ruthless. If you haven’t even looked at some of your things in the last year, chances are you won’t miss them. Bring out all of those bits and pieces collecting dust and taking up room. Decide what to keep, get rid of the rest - and appreciate the newfound space in your clutter-free home.

4. Assemble your artillery. Before you start, gather all the cleaning products, cloths, tools and paraphernalia you’ll need, so you're not running out of ammo halfway around the bath.

5. Turn it up. Put some spring into your spring clean with your favourite tunes. Break free while you’re vacuuming, whistle while you’re working, and really get the clean humming.

6. Step outside. Often it’s the living spaces and inside of your home soaking up all that spring clean action. Add exterior jobs to your checklist to leave your home looking tip-top, inside and out.