The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #114 | October 2022


Six top tips for selling your home this spring

When readying your home for sale, there are lots of little things you can do that will add up to impress potential buyers. Whether hiring a professional stager or doing it yourself, get results with our six top tips for preparing your home for a successful spring sale.


  1. Set the scene. Stage your home to show off its most attractive and valuable features. With simplicity and style, books and candles, fresh cut flowers and bold, colourful artwork and furnishings can evoke personality, warmth and sophistication. An artful home stager can work wonders with each room, appealing to emotions and settling practical questions in one swift stroke.

  2. Engage photographic flair. With your home now looking amazing, make it pop in advertisements with professional photographs. Sharp photos attract attention and motivate even the most casual browsers to find out more, creating open home buzz, competition among buyers, and hopefully, a quicker sale for your home.

  3. Keep it clean and airy. It’s time for that spring clean you’ve been putting off over winter, crucial now that you’ve decided to sell. Everyone can appreciate a clean, well-cared for home that feels fresh and welcoming to visitors, and to buyers.

  4. Clear the decks. Box up anything you can live without - kitchen gadgets on the bench, Lego and ponies on coffee tables, winter coats and boots - and store it away for the big move. Spaces will instantly feel bigger, and people can better picture themselves living in your home, without the distractions and constrictions of clutter.

  5. Move and remove. Cast an objective eye on objects of furniture and art that aren’t adding anything to a space. Take pieces away and rearrange what’s left to find the optimal minimal setting for each room.

  6. Keep a fresh eye on maintenance. All those little flaws you’ve put up with for so long that you don’t even notice any more? Now that you’re moving, it’s time to put them right! Repair any leaky taps, dead lightbulbs, chipped paint and rattly doorknobs, before they can jump out at potential buyers, jarring an otherwise positive first impression of your home.