The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #78 | September 2019


Six top tips: choosing and maintaining larger trees for your property

Choose your new tree like you would choose your new puppy, and all will be well. It will grow to fill only the space you have in mind, will be a pleasure to care for and can always be brought back under control with a little training. Here are our six top tips for choosing and maintaining larger trees for your property.

1. Bark up the right tree. Will you have the time and resources for a ‘poodle’ tree that requires regular pruning to keep its pleasing shape? Or would your lifestyle suit a ‘Hairy McLary’ tree that needs less trimming?

2. Know your tree’s boundaries. Your new tree needs room to grow, above and below. Remember, neighbours have the right to crop branches and roots sneaking through, and blocking their sun or view is a no-no.

3. Think of the birds. Choosing a tree goes beyond what will thrive on your section. The right tree can offer privacy, shade in summer, vibrancy, perfume, fruit or nuts, and food and shelter for insects and feathered folk.

4. A tree is for life, not just for autumn. Do your research, get expert advice and avoid spontaneous purchases. That cute little tree on sale could grow into an expensive monster if its roots undermine your paths and foundations.

5. Don’t go out on a limb. Unless your day job is juggling chainsaws on a ladder, get the experts in to give your large tree a good trim - way better for your health and your tree’s too.

6. Can’t wait? If you need more dynamic growth for privacy or shade, consider surrounding a larger, slow growing tree with faster growing screening shrubs, or invest in a mature specimen.