The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #89 | September 2020


Six top tips: Spring maintenance

Spring has snuck up on us and no one is complaining. Before we know it, we’ll be outside relaxing into our evenings. Buoyed by the slightly warmer and slightly longer days, here are some spring maintenance jobs you may want to tick off now, freeing up more time for relaxing later, when summer arrives.

1. Check your smoke alarm batteries. Better still, pop new batteries in.

2. Vacuum your heatpump filter. When did you last do that? Or call in an expert to give it a really good clean out.

3. Clean mould and gunge off the deck. It’s surprisingly satisfying, once you crack into it.

4. Clean out the gutters. Yes, up and down the ladder umpteen times, but it will save you going to the gym that day.

5. Mow and fertilise your lawn, so you can spend the rest of summer admiring it.

6. Consider treating yourself to a professional carpet clean.