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Issue #101 | September 2021


Six top tips for selecting a property management company

Entrusting the care, marketing and management of your property to a professional can be a big step, but with the right team, you can forget all the headaches of going it alone. Ask the right questions and maximise your investment with our six top tips for selecting a property management company.

1. “Are you local?” You can’t beat local market experience when it comes to placing the right tenants in your property, for the right rent.

2. Managing management fees. Check carefully what is and isn’t covered by the fee structure. Is the service offered comprehensive or will extra expenses come your way as itemised inspection, marketing or admin fees?

3. Personal touch. Will your new property manager take the time to meet with you, to discuss your property and their services and what they can offer you?

4. Knowledge. The market never stays the same for long, with ongoing training required to keep up. You want to know your property manager will be across the latest in tenancy legislation, market changes and challenges.

5. Marketing. What ways do they market your property and how do they ensure it is exposed to as many tenants as possible. How is their own marketing presented?

6. Ask about. Now you have the right questions, you just need the right team! If personal referrals are thin on the ground, your local Property Investors Association is a good place to get recommendations best suited to you, your situation and your property.

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