The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #61 | April 2018


Six top tips: Putting leaves to good use

You can't beat autumn in Otago – painting the town red and gold, long before it was fashionable. The only downside is the “down” side, as gravity wins and we find ourselves wading about in waves of faded glory. Mother Nature hates waste however, so rummage in the back of the garage for the rake, broom or leaf-blower and put that windfall to good use.

1. Leave them on the lawn. Seriously! Let your mower make short work of those pesky leaves, and enjoy a healthier-looking lawn come springtime, when they break down into yummy nutrients.

2. Make mulch while the wind blows. Rake up the mown leaves and lay them 6-7cm high on garden beds. Your soil and “desirable plants” will thank you for it, while any weeds lurking beneath will be left cursing.

3. Throw them in the bin. Your compost bin will love them, layered up with the lawn clippings or fruit and vege scraps. Just don’t forget to turn them over occasionally.

4. Make leaf mould. It sounds icky, but gardeners swear by it. Just sweep those leaves into a big ol' pile where the rain can reach them, and let them rot. The result? Garden goodness full of microorganisms.

5. Turn it into soil conditioner. You know that lumpy, claggy nightmare you call a garden bed? Sweep it full of leaves, cover with soil, and wait. Nature's free soil conditioner will do the rest. It won't happen overnight, but it will happen. (Allow about a year.)

6. Release your inner four year old. Or your actual four year old, if you have one. We have real seasons in Otago. Let’s celebrate that. Do a leaf dance, kick them around, stuff them down your best mate’s back. What better use than creating fun.