The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #48 | March 2017


Six top tips: Embracing indoor plants

Why do some people grow glorious indoor plants, while the rest of us know any plant unlucky enough to cross the threshold will wilt and die – the only variable being the length of time this depressing process takes. Because it can’t be purely luck, we’ve found six top tips to help green your fingers.

1. Plants need warmth and light: How much of each depends, so take the time to read the label and find the ultimate spot to house your plant.

2. Water at correct rate: Take the time to find out how much and how often to water. Heads up: Be careful of overwatering during winter.

3. Humidity: If you sit your plants on a saucer or tray with some wet gravel, this will create humidity, so you don’t need to worry about it.

4. Fertiliser with caution: Plants can be deceptive in their fertiliser needs – and too much is as likely to kill them as too little.

5. Pot selection: Match your pot size to your plant – not too big, not to little. And make sure water can drain away, so the roots don’t rot.

6. Popular, easy plants: Three goodies are peace lily, mother-in-law’s tounge and ferns. Otherwise, enjoy a wander around your local garden centre and ask for guidance about which plant will be most forgiving of your care shortcomings.

Photo credit: Normanack,