The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #58 | January 2018


Six top tips: Stay cool this summer 

In Otago, we look forward to summer with particular longing. Then, sometimes, it’s just too much summer, too much heat. If you’re finding it that smidge too hot, here are our top tips on keeping comfortably cool.

1. Make shade while the sun shines. Tweak your outdoor area to include some shade. Take advantage of New Year sales, to get yourself a good quality gazebo or umbrella or go the whole hog and install a shade sail. Longer term, think about strategically planting a tree you can lounge under, in summers to come.

2. News flash: most heat pumps are air conditioning units too. Living in our romantically brisk climes, it’s easy to forget that heat pumps have a cooling function. 

3. How are Rolly and Kitty faring? Make sure your pets have access to shade and fresh water.

4. Elbows in the basin. Yes, it’s something your Nana would do, but that’s because she’s wise. Run the basin full of cold water, then dunk your elbows in for as long as you need. Don’t knock it, until you try it.

4. Invest in some doorstops. Why? So you can throw the doors wide open and get a cross breeze through the house, without fear of the wind slamming doors shut.

6. Take a cool shower. Especially if you’re finding it stifling at nighttime. Head off to bed a few degrees happier.