The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #76 | July 2019


Six top tips for healthier home air

Breathe in… breathe out. You can’t see it, it’s just there and usually it’s good stuff, but sadly it can go bad. It’s the air in your home and increasingly it’s the major suspect in many long term and short term health issues. Here are our six top tips for clearing the air at home.

1. How’s the air in there? Grab a gadget, a simple hygrometer to check humidity in each room, or go high-tech and let your home talk to your phone with humidity, toxin and temperature alerts.

2. Nail the humidity. Too damp (above 65%) and your air’s a haven for mould and asthma-causing dust mites; too dry (below 30%) and you’re more susceptible to flu, coughs and colds.

3. Vacuum and ventilate. Suck up those mites, spores and other nasties, and open up windows and doors for a compulsory daily air-change. If you get the chance, slip an air-filtration system into your reno plans.

4. Leave the devil at the door. Or on the shop floor. That new couch smell could contain formaldehyde, a toxic gas released over time by some furniture, carpets, paints and the plywood and MDF used in kitchen cabinets. If possible, shop around for air-friendly alternatives.  

5. Think ‘snake bite’. Sometimes you’ve just got to suck the poison out. Use extraction fans in your bathroom and kitchen to keep your air free from frying disasters, your teenage son’s deodorant and other contaminants.

6. Avoid noxious gases. Don’t get blasé with your attached garage – keep internal doors closed when puttering in and out with the car and the garage door open when pottering about with solvents and paints. Check chimney flues each year, avoid unflued gas and above all, for the sake of your loved ones, head outside for a long, long walk after last night’s curried bean surprise.