The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #72 | March 2019


Six top tips to make your kitchen more enjoyable and efficient

If an ‘enjoyable’ kitchen sounds like a stretch, it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put on your pinny and knead some joy back into that space. Here are our six tips for making your kitchen work better for you.

1. Get ruthless. None of us like to throw out food, but those long expired weetbix aren’t going to taste any better in the next decade.

2. Get a plan. If it’s good enough for Nadia… plan meals weekly with a shopping list and make use of the food you already have.

3. Win back the bench. If you’re losing territory to clutter, it’s time to go ‘Kondo’ on that stuff – if you use it every day, keep it handy, if not, it can spark its joy elsewhere.

4. Splash out. Nigella wouldn’t put up with blunt knives or wobbly pans and neither should you – invest in tools you’ll enjoy using.

5. Streamline storage. Find clear containers that look great stacked and fill them with all your dry goods and cereals – just don’t forget to label them.

6. De-gadgetise. Why keep a Melon Slicer 2000 when a knife will do the same job? Pop it back in the box and rehome it with a smile.