The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #74 | May 2019


Six top tips for a lawn you’ll love

As much as a healthy, happy lawn is an asset, a neglected lawn is just sad. Fortunately Autumn is the perfect time to sow up a lawn you’ll love. Lawncraft is more than scattering a few seeds and hoping - here are our six top tips for a great lawn.

1. Preparation is key. Take time to delete all the weeds before copying and pasting nutrients and grass seed.

2. Puddle about a bit. Water the bare ground to seek out puddles. Fill them in and level off the area.

3. Don’t eat the whole elephant. Sow larger lawns in sections so bare patches can’t hide. Hose well every day.

4. Scatter good seed well. Invest in fast-growing, quality lawn seed and scatter it evenly on a fine, wind-free day.

5. Let it reach adolescence. Wait until your new lawn is at least a couple of inches high before bringing it down a notch.

6. Abandon the comb-over. Repair bare and damaged patches with special formulations from your garden centre to regain those lush lawn looks.