The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #124 | August 2023


Six top tips for choosing art for your home

Adding a little artwork to your home? Great idea! Art is a great way to lift mood, express personality and emotion, provoke thought and memories, and generally set the tone for a room or space. If you’re lucky, you might come across something that grabs you right away - the ‘right’ piece selects you. Other times, it might be an adventure to figure out what you’re looking for, narrow down your selection and come to a decision. If all is fair in love and art, it doesn’t hurt to have a little help, with our six top tips for choosing art for your home that you’ll love.

  1. Be guided by your style. Take a moment to consider your personal style. Are you drawn to bold, vibrant colours, or is a subtle, subdued hue more ‘you’, attracted to abstracts, or soothed by landscapes? Understanding your taste will set you in the right direction for a fabulous and lasting choice.
  2. Take a measured approach. The size of the frame is often just as important as what’s inside it. For a larger wall, choose something grand to stand out and make a statement. A careful arrangement of smaller pieces can also work well. For smaller spots, choose artworks of good proportion to set off the space without dominating it.
  3. Enjoy complements. For harmony at home, keep in mind the colour scheme and the aesthetic of the room for your new piece. Your decor can compete and clash with the artwork, something to be avoided, or it can enhance and enliven it. Keep the peace with art of a similar palette and look, or boldly mix things up to create tension with contrasting complements.
  4. Support local talent. Discover Otago’s thriving art community by visiting galleries and exhibitions. You’ll soon develop a better eye for what you like and a more meaningful connection to local emerging and established artists and their work. That way, when you bring home your beautiful new art, you also keep its story. Don’t miss this year’s Edinburgh Premier Art Awards exhibition! (5 August – 2 September 2023, 10am - 4pm, Otago Art Society, Dunedin Railway Station.)

  5. Mix it up. Think outside the frame, for a fresh look at sculpture, photography, tapestry, textile and ceramic art that might suit the space you have in mind. Experiment with combinations and collections to curate your very own eclectic home gallery.

  6. Listen to your ‘art. Often, the most remarkable piece of art is one that sparks emotion and resonates with you personally. It’s a good sign in your decision making, when an artwork speaks to your life experience and sense of joy, humour or nostalgia. It promises a connection that can only bring positive energy to your home. Enjoy!