The Edinburgh Realty eNewsletter

Issue #122 | June 2023


Six top reasons to sell your home this winter

We all know the next few months are a quieter time for real estate. You’d be silly not to wait for a spring sale, right? In fact, there are some excellent advantages to listing this season, including a sound sale, all spring to settle in, and summer to relax. Still cold on the idea? Check out our six top reasons to sell your home this winter.

  1. A smaller pond. Typically, there are fewer properties in winter for buyers to look at. This makes the pool of listings much friendlier and less competitive when it comes to comparisons and choices. Before the spring rush, your home is easier to find and appreciate.

  2. Keener nibbles. Buyers are often more motivated in winter, hoping to find their new home sooner rather than later. Your property is more likely to hook the interest of more serious buyers.

  3. Hot property. With the wood pile well-stocked and the heat pump pumping, it’s the perfect time to relieve buyer concerns about winter warmth. Whatever keeps your home cosy, these heating features can be the highlight of a winter open home, making a warm impression with potential buyers.

  4. A warm glow. The low sun vibe makes for stunning marketing images. Our photographers can use a winter twilight sky to accentuate the warmth of your home’s spaces, interior and exterior, to make it really shine.

  5. Close to home. With fewer holidays and long weekends to divert winter buyers, a wider audience is more likely to stick around and stay on task, with time to attend your open homes and move on those important decisions.

  6. A quicker process. Avoid the rush of the summer silly season with its stat days and closures. In winter, financial and legal services are more readily available to help finalise your sale and process all your paperwork without delay. Move in more quickly now and save those precious summer holidays for yourself!